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Our Autumn Season 2023 starts on Sunday 13th August. We have three types of membership:

Standard SNC membership: If you just want to play on Sundays


SNC membership + League: This means that you can play on Sundays, and you are also part of the Viking League that plays on Tuesdays


League only player: If you just want to play in the league team on Tuesdays


If you join the club mid-season, the payment fee will be on a pro-rata basis.

Sunday Social Netball




A fun social netball session every Sunday. Teams are made up with the people who are there - you can play in any position. Scores are not kept. A great opportunity to try out a new position!

Tuesday Viking Cup


Frescati Sports Center

A mixed competitive league with matches every Tuesday. Scores are kept and league positions are tracked and the winner of the league is awarded the Viking Cup at the end of each season.

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