Meet the committee

VICE President: Annika

President: Sharley





What we are about



We aim to give our social team players the chance to play non-competitive netball in a co-ed mix to allow any player at any competence join in and make some friends. Curabitur blandit tempus ardua ridiculus sed magna. Phasellus laoreet lorem vel dolor tempus vehicula.Vivamus sagittis lacus vel augue laoreet rutrum faucibus.

How it all started


SNC started with just the social league and was founded November 2007 by Heather Main from Australia. She made an arrangement with the IFNA (International Federation of Netball Association) and Allied Sports & Leisure to get all the gear needed to play in Stockholm. Matti Nikkola helpedsecure the venue at Skrivsalen, Karolinska Institutet and training began 21st May 2008.



Social League additional rules

Standard netball rules apply with the additional following competition rules:

  1. Games are 4x12 min with 2 min quarter breaks and 4 min half time.

  2. Maximum one male player per team in each goal circle allowed.

  3. Match points will be awarded as follows (not during the finals):

    • 5 points for a win

    • 3 points for a draw

    • 2 points to the losing team if they lose by 5 goals or less

    • 1 point to the losing team if scoring 50% or more of the
      goals scored by the winning team

  4. Two subs are allowed to complete your team within the match points system and subs are supposed to play WD or WA.

  5. Should your team require three subs or more, you can still play the game (and you should) but in this case the team forfeits and the score will be 5-0 to the not forfeit team. The winning team gets thereby 5 and the forfeit 0 points.

  6. It is okay to put the 3rd-7th subs within the forfeit team in any positions IF the captain of the other team agrees! And rule number one should be respected.


In case of a tie during the finals

We cannot use the court for as long as a normal extra time procedure takes so we need to keep extra time short. Therefore, if there is a tie after full time during a final, the following is the procedure to require a winner.

  • There will be an interval for one (1) minute, when substitutions and/or team changes are permitted.

  • Extra time of five (5) minutes each is to be played. Teams do not change ends. The Centre Pass is to be taken by the team entitled to the next Centre Pass.

  • In the event of a tie remaining at the end of extra time, there will be a penalty shootout. Three different players in each team will be chosen by the captains. The players will have one shot each to make a goal from 3,5 meters from the goal post. The team with most goals after three shots wins. If there is a tie, the same shooters will try again in the same order. As soon as one shooter makes a shot and another shooter misses, a winner is declared.